The TW3150 is a high-gain GPS antenna specifically
designed for timing applications in high density cell
/ telecommunications tower applications where
high levels of near-out-of-band interfering signals
can be expected. This antenna features a 50dB LNA
gain to handle long cable runs often associated with
installation on telecommunications towers.

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Product Description

Product Specifications:
Architecture:Dual, quadrature feeds
Size:66.5mm diameter
Weight: 150g
Enclosure: Radome: EXL9330, Base: Zamak White
Attachment Method: Through hole (M18 x 1
Environmental: IP67, REACH, and RoHS compliant
LNA Gain: 50dB min.
Supply Current:25 mA typ., 30 mA max
Out of Band Rejection: <1545MHz: >80dB
>1610MHz: >80dB
Supply Voltage: 2.7 to 26 VDC nominal
Noise: TW3150: 1.5dB typ.; TW3152: 3.8 dB typ
Axial Ratio (over full bandwidth): 1 dB typ.,
3 dB max.