A-GPS Network Time Server
We offer Stratum 1 Network Time appliance that use
GPS which as a time synchronization source.
There are 24 operational GPS Satellites in fact 32 total
in orbit (8 hot spares)
The time is taken from Atomic clocks that are used on
board GPS Satellites that orbit the earth. A GPS time
server uses the GPS receiver as reference time source
and distributes the received absolute time throughout
the network.

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Product Description

Two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports.
GPS Receiver Accuracy: < 30 nanoseconds RMS to UTC
(USNO) when locked.
7,500 NTP packets/second with < 10 microsecond NTP
timestamp accuracy.
Supports hundreds of thousands of network clients.
View and correlate data plots with NTP, CPU and
Oscillator statistics.
IPv4 and IPv6 compliant.
NTP, SNTP, HTTPS (Web Interface), SNMP, SSH, MD5,
TELNET, FTP, DHCP and more.
User-friendly display & keypad with built-in help
messages (Sonoma D12 only).
Options: Oscillator Upgrades, Dual Power Supplies,
Alarm, Timecode, 1PPS, Pulse Rates, Sysplex, -48Vdc,
PTP/IEEE-1588 Grandmaster and more.